Blockbuster! cable help the legendary project completion!

May 29, 2023

On July 23,the National Version Museum of China was completed. The National Version Museumof China is the national version resource pool and the seed gene pool of Chineseculture. It is composed of Wenhan Pavilion of the Central General Museum, WenjiPavilion of Xi'an Branch, Wenrun Pavilion of Hangzhou Branch, and WenqinPavilion of Guangzhou Branch.

The long-lifecable provided for the project has good electrical performance, mechanicalperformance, high flame retardancy and high light transmittance. The productdesign takes into account the characteristics of flame retardancy and fireresistance. Through material selection and structural optimization, theanti-aging performance has been greatly improved. It is a green andenvironment-friendly long-life cable with a design life of up to 70 years.

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