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Producing Cable Products In Line With National Standards

The Selection Criteria

Select non-impurity raw materials with high precision, high purity. We pursuit sustainable development of the environment, source conservation and regeneration,to Make toxic substances shameful in our products and production processes.Therefore, we design products with more environmentally friendly and safer materials to reduce and eliminate these toxic substances.

Production standards

Our production process is strictly designed and standardized by professional engineers, and every link has scientific control and management methods, which are meticulous to every process and every quality control point.

Guangdong Shengyu Cable Industry Co., Ltd.

Testing Standard

Each finished product must pass the most sophisticated testing and screening before being shipped out of the warehouse,and must meet the requirements of national laws, regulations and mandatory standards.Through the high power withstand pressure testing machine, tension testing machine, electric spark testing machine, projector, bridge tester and other advanced national testing equipment, we can further ensure the high quality of products qualified rate, eliminate all safety hazards.

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