Production Line

Shengyu Co., Ltd has internationally advanced cable production equipment and a large-scale production base which provide a solid backing for the creation of high quality cable products. We strictly control product quality to ensure that every finished product is delivered to your hands perfectly.


Professional Production Processes And Specifications

The whole process of cable production adopts closed professional management. Each process is scientifically designed and standardized by engineers. It is equipped with professional technicians to ensure that the quality of each cable is exactly the same as our standards.


Production Process Of Workshop

1. Drawing Process

Advanced technology of single wire drawing is adopted to ensure stable performance and qualified resistivity and improve the ductility and conductivity of single wire.

2. Roping Process

The production process is closely related to each other, and the stranding process adopts advanced 54 disc stranding machine, 37 frame stranding machine and 7 tubular strander. The different techniques are adopted to give full play to the advantages of equipment and technology. It can wring out a variety of conductors with uniform outer diameter, stable structure and close order, so as to lay a good foundation for the production of the next link.

3. Insulation Process

PVC power cables and crosslinked cables use different techniques, but both are equally sophisticated.The internationally accepted dc drive electrical system and automatic material drying equipment are adopted to fully control the work of the main machine, so as to make the appearance of cable insulation layer smoother and the eccentricity more uniform and orderly.Coupled with 35KV high-voltage spark test, the dielectric performance of the cable is more stable.

4. Assembly Process

Giving full play to the performance of the equipment to prevent damage and distortion during the production process. The armored equipment is equipped with an advanced steel belt armoring machine to make the armor layer of the cable uniform pitch, coated compact,to make the appearance more distinct so as to improve the pressure resistance and stability of the cable structure.



We care about the most subtle feeling of each user and develop a "peace of mind" oriented variety of cable products, giving full consideration to the use of state of the cable in a complex environment and to improve product performance.Shengyu cable Co., Ltd adheres to the development strategy of product innovation, promotes the localization of technology research and development, and continuously improves the ability of local research and development and innovation through continuous investment and optimization of research and development layout.We have established the cable research laboratory and testing center, bulit long-term cooperative relations with many research institutions and universities across the country, hired professional instructors to guide the cultivation of professional technical personnel, and maintained the core competitive advantage of shengyu cable products in the market.After continuous efforts, our research and development team made a series of R & D results, and have achieved breakthrough success in the field of aluminum cable R&D.


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