Guangdong Shengyu Cable Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Shengyu Cable Industry Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shengyu Cable Industry Co., Ltd. Guangdong Shengyu Cable Industry Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
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Middle East
Brands: SUNWIN
Export p.c: 80% - 90%
About Us

Shengyu Cable Co., Ltd was founded in 1999. The production base is located in Guangzhou Development Zone with a registered capital of 248 million yuan. It is committed to providing cable solutions for social power grid construction, engineering projects, household electricity and other fields to help people safely use power equipment and improve Transfer energy efficiency while reducing adverse effects on the environment.


Shengyu Cable Co., Ltd,Headquartered in Hong Kong,has core experts in R&D, production, management and marketing from Hong Kong Shengyu Technology Development Co., Ltd.As a senior cabling and solution leader, shengyu technology brings vitality to life through a series of first-class products and innovative services. For more than 30 years, innovation has been our hallmark, enabling us to work with our customers to promote a safer, smarter and more efficient future.



Shengyu adopts imported high-quality raw materials, and has top-level hardware strengths such as first-class production equipment, standardized production line management, and professional management team,which makes Shengyu always love and recognize by majority customers.



High Quality Raw Materials

Imported copper core, 100m guarantee, independent research and development, flame retardant insulation


ISO9001 quality management system, standardized production management, refined quality management

Professional Testing

German inspection instruments, 32 testing procedures, professional inspection engineer

Excellent results


Environment And Products

Shengyu Cable focuses on the coordination relationship with the environment and provides environmentally friendly, healthy and safe cable products,Committing to becoming a leading company that coexists with human beings.

Environmental Safety Management Policy

Shengyu cable recognizes that environment, safety and health care are the core elements of all business activities.

Therefore, in order to achieve social responsibility in sustainable development,we declare environmental safety policy and actively comply with it.

Compliance with relevant regulations and continuous improvement

We comply with the standards set by the environment, safety, and health care regulations, and stipulate strict internal management standards to continuously improve the requirements.

Preventive activities developed through technology

We use our accumulated experience and technological innovation to prevent environmental impacts and risk factors in advance.

Respecting the environment and implementimg transparent management

We focus on experience activities such as product development, design, production, service and scrapping, focus on environment, safety and health care.We also specify designate specific targets, and make the results public after regular inspection and evaluation.

Build consensus and engage spontaneously

We actively participate in education and training for all employees, faithfully fulfill our responsibilities to achieve the goals, and build enterprises that coexist with the local society.

Environmental safety management strategy

When conducting business activities, shengyu cable always gives priority to environmental safety.

In order to protect the earth's environment, to leave behind a clean living garden for future generations, we will spare no effort.


一. Improve the management level of the environmental, safety and health management system (ESH)

Build and operate all business units at home and abroad Environmental safety management system

Enhance the environmental safety of cooperative enterprises

Establish an environmental safety computerized (IT) system


二. Building a health and safety department

Operate the enhanced health program

Introduce the individual physical energy diagnosis system

Ensure the safety of hazardous equipment


三. Quiet technology activities

Shengyu Cable needs to build the brand awareness of shengyu based on the original market. What we have to do is to achieve a perfect balance between inheritance and innovation.


The brand new shengyu PRO logo color inherits the shengyu red color, and adds the technology blue color on this basis to form a bright visual perception. We integrate shengyu PRO into the form of cable tray. The flying lines in the center of the logo symbolize protecting customers and bringing high-quality cable products. "Competing for 70 years" which is the best functional description of the brand based on the functional core value positioning reflects the safety and durability of the product attributes.




In 2016, Shengyu invested 248 million yuan through the Guangzhou Development Zone to establish a new R&D headquarters and production base in the Guangzhou Development Zone, aiming to promote energy transformation. We have a series of patents for the manufacturing of robot cables, pv cables, charging cables, and mineral insulated cables which can be exported to various countries around the world, providing the most advanced and reliable products and services to users all over the world., providing the most advanced and reliable products and services for usersall over the world.Shengyu technology has witnessed and participated in the rapid development of China's cable industry.With its strong production strength and research technology, shengyu has brought a large number of high-quality cable products to the market, providing a strong guarantee for the safe use of electricity for hundreds of millions of home users.


70 Years Of Responsibility

Cause bigger, there is more responsibility to bear.We have to work hard and do it with heart.

In the countless 70 years of the future, we will always be consistent.


Guard For 70 Years

Shengyu 70 years not only means the quality of 70 years, just as a 70-years service life for a house ,

Shengyu hopes to be like home, guarding you through the wind and rain.


Environment And Products

Shengyu Cable focuses on the coordination relationship with the environment and provides environmentally friendly, healthy and safe cable products,Committing to becoming a leading company that coexists with human beings.

Our Team

Team Management

We want to help employees grow, so as to improve their lives.

We give our employees the opportunity to learn, develop their interests and expertise, and provide a comprehensive employee training program to help them succeed in their careers.

We make sure they are respected and their dignity is upheld.

We give our employees the right to have an environment where they can express their personal problems freely, and everyone can grow with the company in a happy atmosphere.

We take responsibility as belief, not only to the customer, but also to oneself.

Adhering to the principle of commercial integrity, we should always maintain integrity and reliability in operation, including dealing with all kinds of relations, practices, procurement, production, operation, sales and other aspects.

We strive for high efficiency and harmony and enhance execution ability.

We follow a standardized and efficient management mechanism to maintain the high efficiency of our Company operating system, and strengthen the effectiveness of implementation through a standardized system, cooperation among employees, and effective balancing of incentives and constraints.


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